The Neighbor In Need mission is to help low income elderly living in the communities of East Lake, Kirkwood and Edgewood, East Atlanta and Reynoldstown Community make emergency home repairs. Repairs can include heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical, roofing and light construction like repairs to soffit, sheetrock, porches, flooring, etc. Basically, Neighbor in Need tries to tackle anything that degrades the quality of life for the homeowner or devalues the home.

Why are we here?

Even in the best of times, many of your longtime neighbors struggle with the rising costs of city taxes, home maintenance, heating and cooling and the ever-rising health care costs associated with growing older. Many have seen their savings decimated by unexpected emergencies and repair needs. Imagine how you would cover the cost of a new water heater, HVAC repair, or even a new roof on the meager fixed incomes many of your long time neighbors live on. Faced with hard choices, what trade-offs must our elderly neighbors make in the twilight years of their lives when a sudden home repair is needed? Do they pay their taxes or replace crumbling plumbing?

Do they keep paying for their medicine or do they fix that leaky roof that if left unattended will soon destroy the value of their only real asset? In many cases, the cost of upkeep forces an elderly homeowner to sell their home. It is just plain wrong that after being good neighbors, paying off their homes and paying taxes in their communities, the cost of a home repair would force an elderly homeowner to live in fear. Our older neighbors worked and paid taxes to make these communities the wonderful places they are today, and that’s one reason why we work to eliminate their suffering.

The bottom line: cost-of-living increases are often impossible to meet for your elderly neighbors. Neighbor in Need Inc. provides relief and peace of mind thanks to YOUR support.


We currently serve in the Atlanta communities of East Lake, Kirkwood, Edgewood, East Atlanta, and Reynoldstown. Support our program with hands-on action, fundraising for individual projects, and your direct donations. Neighbor in Need East Lake covers covers East Lake, Kirkwood and Edgewood. We can teach your community how to start your own Neighbor in Need!

Through a unique combination of local community involvement and corporate sponsorship. Neighbor in Need is 100% volunteer run. The money you give goes directly into action for our elderly neighbors as a result. We have very low overhead and provide quality licensed and insured work at no charge to those we help. Read more about the corporate sponsors who help us help our neighbors.